History of the Cardiac Electrophysiology Society


  • Vector Cardiology Group founded by George Burch, was formed in Atlantic City in 1949
  • Meetings held in Haddon Hall in association with AAP, AFCR & ASCI


  • Emphasis on multipolar nature of cardiac events and the need for multiple lead systems
  • Meetings held in conjunction with the FASEB meeting
  • Abstracts submitted
  • Name changed to Electrophysiology Group
  • First officers elected (President and Secretary/Treasurer)
  • Emphasis changed to Cardiac Electrophysiology


  • Basic Electrophysiology became the dominant theme.


  • Meeting was moved to Washington, DC.


  • Meeting was moved to coincide with the American Heart Association meetings
  • The Lectureship, "The Golden Microelectrode Award Lecture", was initially given by Dr. Gordon Moe in 1981.


  • The lectureship was renamed "The Gordon K. Moe Lecture" in memory of Dr. Moe in 1990
  • Incorporated in the State of Missouri (4/90)
  • Administration of the Society based at the Masonic Medical Research Laboratory as of 1999
  • Position of Vice President created in 1999


  • Incorporation changed to the State of New York


  • Current membership: 765 members