Annual Meetings

The Society meets yearly in May during the Annual Scientific Sessions of the Heart Rhythm Society. The scientific program is devoted to presentations by leading experts on the cutting edge of new developments in a particular area of scientific discovery, covering the spectrum of basic, translational, and clinical research. A featured speaker, the Gordon K. Moe Lecturer, is selected to lead off the symposium.


2019 Program

Cardiac Electrophysiology Society members on record as of November 30th are entitled to receive Heart Rhythm Society member discounts to the Heart Rhythm Annual Scientific Sessions. 

Previous Gordon K. Moe Lecturers & Programs

2019 Atrial Fibrillation - From Genetics to Mechanisms and Therapeutic Targets
Patrick Ellinor, MD, PhD

2018-The Cardiac Conduction System
Glenn I. FIshman, MD

2017- Cardiac Innervation and Cardiac Arrhythmias
Peng-Sheng Chen, MD

2016 - The Complexity of the Cardiac Sodium Channel and its Role in Health and Disease
Mario Delmar, MD, PhD

2015 - The Purkinje Cell: 2014 Style
Penelope Boyden, Ph.D.

2014 - Twenty Years of Channelopathies in Inherited Arrhythmia Syndromes
Alfred L. George, Jr. MD

2013 - Ventricular Tachycardia: Mechanisms and Substrate
Mark Josephson, MD.

2012 - Mechanisms, Therapy and Prevention of VT/VF
William G. Stevenson, MD

2011 - Structure, Functions and Macromolecular Interactions Of Cardiac Ion Channels
William Catterall, Ph.D.

2010 - Cardiac Tissue Engineering: From Channel to Syncytium
Denis Noble, Ph.D.

2009 - Fibroblasts, Fibrosis and Cardiac Arrhythmias
Hein Wellens, MD

2008 - The Anatomy Of Cardiac Arrhythmias
Melvin M. Scheinman, MD

2007 - Calcium Cycling: The Arrhythmia Connection
Jonathan Lederer, MD, Ph.D.

2006 - The Right and Left Ventricles: Regional Electrophysiology
Charles Antzelevitch Ph.D.

2005 - Molecular and Stem Cell Medicine
Eduardo Marbán, MD, Ph.D.

2004 - Genomics, Genetics and Novel Therapeutics
Michael R. Rosen, MD

2003 - Connection, Connection, Connection: It's What's Central to Rhythms in the Heart
Madison S. Spach, MD

2002 - Atrial Fibrillation in the 21st Century: Simplicity in Complexity?
Albert L. Waldo, MD

2001 - The Role of Remodeling in Sudden Cardiac Death
Robert Myerburg, MD

2000 - The Genetics Of Cardiac Arrhythmias: The Emerging Tip Of The Iceberg
Mark Keating, MD

1999 - Arrhythmias in Heart Failure
Michiel Janse, MD

1998 - Role of Electrophysiologic Heterogeneity in Reentrant Arrhythmias
Jose Jalife, MD

1997 - Electrophysiologic Remodeling: From the Gene to the Patient
Maurits A. Allessie, MD, Ph.D.

1996 - Fibrillation
Douglas P. Zipes, MD

1995 - The Long QT Syndrome
Thomas N. James, MD

1994 - Electrophysiology of the Atria
Matthew N. Levy, MD

1993 - Creating New Paradigms for Drug Design and Testing
Harry A. Fozzard, MD

1992 - Cardiac Repolarization Under Physiologic and Pathophysiologic Conditions
J.A. Abildskov, MD

1991 - The Role of Calcium in Cardiac Electrophysiology
Alexandre Fabiato, MD, Ph.D.

1990 - The Development of New Antiarrhythmic Agents
Brian Hoffman, MD