2020 Young Investigator Award Competition 



2019 Young Investigator Award Competition

The Cardiac Electrophysiology Society (CES) Young Investigator Awards (YIA) Competition recognizes and encourages the work of young investigators and their parent institutions. All submissions to the CES YIA Competition will be reviewed and two clinical and two basic science investigators will receive awards during the CES annual meeting.

Submission Guidelines


All authors wishing to participate in the CES YIA Competition must submit an abstract to the Heart Rhythm 2019 Submission Site and indicate their interest in being considered for the CES YIA in the “Awards” section. The submitting author must confirm that they are an active CES Member at the time of submission. If you wish to become a member of The Cardiac Electrophysiology Society please visit Membership Information to apply today.



The YIA Competition is open to any physician or scientist who is currently in a residency, fellowship, or doctoral training program, or who has been in such a program within the past three years (at the time of submission) that is an active member of the Cardiac Electrophysiology Society (CES). The competition is also open to students in graduate or medical schools who are working on a problem concerned with cardiac pacing and/or electrophysiology, in the areas of clinical and basic research. The applicant must be the first author of the abstract submitted and an active *CES Member for consideration. No more than two submissions from the same sponsor are permitted.

Individuals who have submitted abstracts to other major North American meetings and are awaiting notification of acceptance may also submit abstracts to the Heart Rhythm Society for consideration; however, upon acceptance from another organization, it is the responsibility of the author to notify the Heart Rhythm Society (HRS) office by Wednesday, January 9, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. ET to withdraw the abstract.

An abstract is not eligible for consideration if it is published prior to the CES annual meeting or if it is substantially similar to material presented or to be presented at a major North American meeting held prior to the CES meeting. However, the same abstract may be presented at both the HRS Scientific Sessions and the CES meeting.



Any work of an investigational nature that pertains directly or indirectly to cardiac pacing and/or electrophysiology is suitable for submission. This work may be in basic science or clinical investigation. Finalists are selected based on the qualifications of the candidate and the originality, importance and scientific excellence of a project that contributes to our understanding of cardiac pacing and electrophysiology and ultimately, improved patient care. The Young Investigators Award Competition submissions are reviewed and judged in one of two categories: basic research and clinical research.

Basic/Translational Science

01 - Ion Channels and Transporters: Molecular Structure, Function, and Regulation
02 - Ion Channels and Transporters: Micro Anatomy and Pathology
03 - Genomics: Bench
04 - Genomics: Translational
05 - Cell Physiology, Pharmacology, and Signaling
06 - Computer Modeling/Simulation
07 - Intact Heart Electrophysiology (includes Pharmacology and Optical Mapping)
08 - Whole Animal Electrophysiology and Pharmacology (includes Neurohumoral Modulation)

Clinical Research – all other categories (excluding Allied Professionals)



To be considered for the CES YIA Competition, the young investigator will need to submit an abstract during the Heart Rhythm Society (HRS) 2018 Abstract Submission period (October 9 – December 7, 2018) and indicate that s/he is interested in applying for the CES YIA Competition. On January 9, all *eligible CES YIA submissions will be reviewed.  Up to 20 of the top scoring abstracts in each category (basic and clinical) will be invited to showcase their posters at the CES luncheon on Wednesday May 8, 2019.  The  top 5 highest scoring abstracts  in each category will be designated as finalists in the CES YIA Competition and their posters will be judged by a panel of CES judges.  



YIA Poster Presenters and Finalist will be notified by CES via e-mail of their acceptance in early February, the same time all abstract notifications are sent out.  Please note that CES will notify only the accepted presenters.



The CES YIA Awards Competition will take place at the CES Symposium on Wednesday, May 8, 2019, 12:00-2:20 p.m. Posters will be on display in the session room, each of the identified finalists will be given 10 minutes to present their poster followed by a 5-minute question-and-answer session with the CES YIA judges and the audience. WInners will be announced at the conclusion of the CES annual meeting,



All CES YIA finalists will receive the discounted CES Member registration rate of $605 to the Annual Scientific Sessions. There will be two first prize awards: $1,000 for basic research and $1,000 for clinical research. Each runner- up will receive $500. The results will be announced by the CES Vice-President at the end of the CES session on Wednesday, May 8, 2019.


If you have any questions about participating in the YIA Competition, please contact us at www.cardiaceps.org/contact-us